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Our tree and shrub program is unique. Our treatments are tailored to the life cycles of insects and disease activity. With changing weather and other environmental conditions insects appear at different times each year. Our program allows us to treat the problems as they appear in your landscape to achieve the best possible results.





New Century Tree & Shrub

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Plant Dictionary is an indexed system of teaching resources for the discipline of Horticulture and Crop Science.

It was developed to complement the other electronic resources developed at Ohio State University

Provides timely information about Ohio growing conditions,pest,disease,and cultural problems.

Updated weekly between April and October.

Guides for answering plant-realated questions from 46 different universities and

government initiations across the United States and Canada.

Over 20,000 pages of extension fact sheets and bulletins.

A great source for detailed information on plant disease and insect, not to mention many other related and unrelated topics.

How can we care for plants without the latest weather?

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